N. Pierce Portfolio

The work of Nathan Pierce. (Click each photo to view larger image.)

Artist Statement

 In this modern world, where we constantly feel more connected through advancements in technology, I believe that we are simultaneously disconnected as a result of these devices.

By using public art as a vehicle for expressing contemporary issues concerning communication I see the concept for my work becoming more relevant every day. Through the radiating spokes of my abstracted satellite forms I hope to engage the viewers’ curiosity and invite public interaction. Dealing with issues of communication in my own life I have realized this is a struggle that many of us encounter. As I think about the idea of communication I realize that I can internalize this issue, or make it as broad as the world around me. How can we better communicate ourselves to the world? That is the question.

These forms seem to remind us of some type of foreign communication device. Appendages reaching outward to send or receive signals from others, It is difficult to discern whether it is from the future or the past, and how well it served its purpose

We may also decide that these devices illustrate an overwhelming desire to be understood in our own efforts of communication. The examination into the roles we play and the quality of our own personal relationships is the intention of these forms. These devices may be tangible evidence of how communication succeeds or fails in our own lives and in the lives of others.