Medal of Arts

medal of artsThe Medal of Arts award is given annually in a rotating list of categories: artist, author, drama and theater, music and patron of the arts. It recognizes people who have contributed to the cultural life of the area in one of those categories.

The Medal of Arts first was awarded in 1993.

Medal of Arts recipients:

2015: Thomas Laverghetta, music

2014: Barbara Morrow, writer

2013: Nina Bennett, artist

2012: City of Auburn, patron of the arts

2011: Jed Freels, drama

2010: Marilyn Minard, music

2009: Jane Kempf, writer

2008: Mark Ober and Mable Bevington, artist

2007: Tri Kappa Chapters, patron of the arts

2006: F. & B. Buekers, music

2005: Dave Kurtz, writer

2004: Millie Hansen and Imogene Mavis, music

2003: Mary Thiel, artist

2002: Tim Albert, drama

2001: Helen Pickering, patron of the arts

2000: Hubert Stackhouse, writer

1999: John D. Smith, music

1998: Brian Baker, artist

1997: Judy Waanders, patron of the arts

1996: John Wilson, drama

1995: Richard Norris, music

1994: John Martin Smith, writer

1993: Jeanne Gehring, artist